Bartow County Fire Rescue Explorer Post #130


The Explorer program is a program under the Boy Scouts of America and is available to youth members between the ages of 14 – 20 who have an interest in the fire service. The new Bartow County Fire Rescue Explorer Post is #130. The post will have meetings two Thursdays every month and the training will cover basic firefighting skills, CPR, First Aid, and numerous other fire service related topics. The Explorers may also act in a support role on emergency scenes and assist with non-emergency activities. Also, the Explorer Program competes in Muster Competitions against other Explorer Programs throughout the state.

Deputy Chief Dewayne Jamison serves as the Post Committee Chair along with the Volunteer Coordinator, Sgt. Scott Hoke, who serves as the Lead Post Advisor. Numerous firefighters and fire officers from Bartow County Fire Department will serve as Volunteer Advisors.

Interested youth can obtain an application from Captain Derrick Evans by contacting him at (404)985-9568, or by sending an email to him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following section covers the SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) of the Bartow County Fire Rescue Explorer Post #130. These SOPs will be required of each Explorer to not only know, but also to follow the statuettes within.


XXXVIII.                EXPLORERS


38.01     The purpose of this policy is to explain the procedures, rules and regulations relating to Fire Department Explorer Post #130.  The goals of the Bartow County Fire Department Explorer Program are to further the Explorer’s morals, ethics, and education, encourage the Explorer’s participation in a rewarding and productive service activity, and enhance the Explorer’s preparation for future roles as citizens, community members, leaders and future department careers.


38.02     It is the responsibility of every Explorer to have knowledge of all procedures, rules, and regulations contained in this policy.


A.       Explorers will keep their copies of this policy secure. Strict confidentiality is especially important with regard to information on emergency response to an incident scene.  Loss of any part will immediately be reported to an advisor.

B.      Explorers will be responsible for maintaining their copy of policies in an up-to-date manner by making changes as directed.

C.      Explorers will consult this policy if they have any questions as to their responsibilities or as to proper procedures.  If upon consulting the policy, the Explorer’s question is still not resolved, and Advisor should be consulted.

D.      Besides this policy, Explorers are expected to familiarize themselves with other official publications as directed by their Advisor. 


38.03             Membership requirements:


                   A. Membership in the Fire Department Explorers Post is open to young adults, male or female, that is 14 through 20 and has                               completed the 8th grade.

     B.  Members must have parental approval, which includes signatures by the Explorer and his/her parents or guardians on a general       liability release form.

            C.  Members must be in good health.

            D.  Members must be of good moral habits with no arrest or conviction records for serious offenses.

            E.   Members must maintain satisfactory grades in school.  Members will be allowed a maximum of two “C” (70-79) earned                        averages each grading period.

            F.   All Explorers must be a resident of Bartow County  


38.04     The Fire Department Explorers Program will further the Explorer’s education by providing the members with basic knowledge of the field of fire service. 


            A. The Fire department Explorer Program brings the Explorer into direct contact with the firefighter on a one-on-one basis through              its meetings, details, social functions and ride-along program.  Explorers can make their public service felt among members of the              community, especially members in their age group.

            B. The ride-alone program will be consistent with the Bartow County Fire Department Ride-Alone policy and ride-along time will              need to be scheduled in advance.

            C.  From time to time community organizations may call upon the Explorers to assist with security, crowd control, traffic                              directions, ect.  Community services are strongly encouraged.  Explorers are not to be used in assignments requiring fire authority,              but are used to assist the community under direction and supervision of fire officers.

            D.  Although Explorers are not used in place of fire department personnel, they can be used in Non-Emergency Support                                Operations such as Rehab.

            E.  Although character development is a primary responsibility of parents, it is also contributed to by fire service personnel.  The                Explorer who wears the uniform or insignia, which identifies him/her as being with the Bartow County Fire Department, is subject              to a far more rigid standard of conduct than his/her peers.  Explorers are judged by the fire officers and learn quickly that they are                held to the highest standard of conduct and must comply with the Bartow County Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures              (SOP).  Violation of the SOP may result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the program.


38.05     The Bartow County Fire Department and the Boy Scouts of America do not condone and will not permit fraternization between Explorers and their adult leaders, other affiliated adults or other members of the Bartow County Fire Department Post.  This applies to all youth members regardless of laws relating to age of consent.  Fraternization is not morally appropriate, nor is it in keeping with the relationship between youth members and adult leaders prescribed in the programs of this department and those of the Boy Scouts of America.


38.06     Explorers will not directly or indirectly solicit or accept gratuities, loans, gifts, merchandise, meals, beverages or anything of value in connection with or resulting from their official position.  Explorers will not use their official position, badge or identification card to obtain privileges not otherwise available to them.


38.07     Explorers shall never violate state laws in regards to the use, possession or consumption of alcohol.  The Boy Scouts of America policy prohibits the use of alcohol and/or drugs during any and all Explorer functions.


38.08     Explorers will not verbally or otherwise abuse or harass any firefighter, or other member of the Department, fellow Explorers or member of the community.


38.09     Explorers will obey all county ordinances and all State and Federal Laws.  Violation of any law, an indictment, a warrant or information filed against an Explorer or a conviction will be cause for disciplinary action up and to and including termination from their position.


38.10     Explorers will not have in their possession any controlled substance, narcotic or hallucinogens except when legally prescribed by a physician or dentist.  When an Explorer is taking prescribed medication and when such medication could affect performance, the Explorer will notify the Post Advisor.


38.11     Tobacco use is prohibited for Explorers.  There will be no tobacco use by any Explorer at any Explorer function.  Tobacco products are also not to be used while representing the County or his/her Explorer Post, at any function gathering, or while in public view.


38.12     Explorers will not divulge the identity or persons giving confidential information to the Bartow County Fire Department.


38.13     Explorers will not divulge the address or telephone number of any other Explorer, Officer, or any department employees to members of the media or to any other person outside the department.


38.14     Each member of the Post will be required to complete and keep updated an Emergency data sheet.  The Emergency data sheet will include the Explorer’s current address, phone number and any other information required for the efficient operation of the post.


38.15     Explorers should maintain a level of fitness that will allow them to perform their duties effectively.  If a question arises as to the Explorer’s ability to perform their regular duties due to an apparent low level of health, fitness, or substance abuse, the Explorer may be required to submit to a physician’s examination at their own expense, or bring up his/her health or fitness to an acceptable standard.


38.16     If due to an illness or other circumstance, an Explorer cannot attend a function at the assigned time but will be late, the Explorer will contact their Advisor.


38.17     Explorers activities are not to be put ahead of school requirements.  The Explorer will notify his/her Advisor of any conflict as soon as possible so adjustments can be made.


38.18     Explorers should remember that whether on or off “duty” they are a reflection upon the Bartow County Fire Department, our community, the Explorers Post and the Boy Scouts of America.  They should act accordingly so they do not bring discredit on themselves or the people they represent.


38.19     Explorers will promptly obey any lawful orders of a superior officer.  Any Explorer who refuses to obey a lawful order will be considered insubordinate and may be subject to disciplinary actions.


38.20     Explorers will at all times be courteous to the public.  They will be orderly, attentive, and will exercise patience and discretion in dealing with the public.


38.21     Should any lawful order given by a superior officer conflict with any previous order or published directive, the Explorer will respectively bring the conflict to the attention of the superior officer.  The superior officer who issued the conflicting order will take necessary steps to correct the conflict and, at the same time, assume responsibility for the Explorer’s actions while carrying out the order.


38.22     Explorers will not make any statements on behalf of the Bartow County Fire Department or the Boy Scouts of America for publication or broadcast concerning the plans, policies or administration of the Bartow County Fire Department or the Boy Scouts of America unless authorized to do so.  Explorers who plan to deliver and address at any public gathering concerning the Bartow County Fire Department or this post will notify their Advisor prior to speaking.  Any public statements concerning the Bartow County Fire Department or the Boy Scouts of America policies will accurately represent those policies.  Any statement which reflects an Explorer’s personal opinion will be clearly presented as such.


38.23     Explorers will maintain a neat, clean appearance.  They will keep their uniform clean, pressed and in good condition.  They will keep their hair neat, clean and cut in the prescribed manner.  Poor grooming or improper wearing of the uniform or its accessories may be grounds for disciplinary actions.


A.  Male members of this Post will keep the length of their hair short enough as to not touch their collar.  Female members will keep their hair in a braid or pinned up off their collar.

B.   Refer to SOP 4.30 regarding facial hair.

C.   Excessive amounts of jewelry will not be worn.  Lengthy necklaces will not be worn.  Earrings will not hang below the ear.

D.   Fire Department Explorers are responsible for wearing the proper and complete Post uniform in the prescribed manner except when working in an assignment that requires them to be out of uniform.  All buttons will be buttoned (with the exception of the top button on summer shirts).  The uniform will be worn to Explorers functions only.

E.   Explorers will wear the standard issued Explorer uniform shirt.

F.   Belts will be black with a silver buckle or preferably with no buckle showing.  Navy trouser pants may be worn at designed training functions.

G.  Shoes are to be plain-toed black leather, worn with black tube socks. Plain rounded toe boots are also acceptable.

H.   Coats and jackets will be designed by and approved by the Bartow County Fire Chief.


38.24     An Explorer may be issued equipment as needed.  The Explorer will utilize the equipment only for its intended purpose in accordance with established Department procedures and will not abuse, damage, or lose the equipment.  They will maintain all departmental equipment assigned to them in good condition.  Explorers will not covert departmental equipment to their own use.  All equipment will be turned in when they assignment is terminated.  Any damage will be reported immediately.


A.   Explorers will not carry weapons. This is to include but not limited to any firearm, nightstick, PR24, ASP, blackjack sap or taser.

B.    If an Explorer is called upon to operate a county vehicle, he/she will follow all established policies of Bartow County and the Bartow County Fire Department.


38.25     Violation of the directives of this policy, or any violations of the official Bartow County Fire Department directives or orders, may be grounds for disciplinary actions up to and including termination from the Post.  Complaints filed against personnel of this Post will be informed of the manner in which this may be done.  Complaints shall be routed to the Post Advisor.  No Explorer will harass, verbally abuse or threaten any citizen, officer or fellow Explorer who files a complaint against an Explorer or any other department personnel.


A.   Complaints against Explorers (whether originating from a citizen, an Explorer, or other department personnel or officers from another agency) will be routed to the Division Chief of Training and will be thoroughly reviewed.  Assuming that the complaint does not involve illegal activity, the Explorer will be informed of the charges and permitted to provide an explanation or comment on the charges.  Where possible illegal activity is involved, the Explorer will be given every right due any other person in the context of a criminal investigation

B.   At the discretion of the Chief, Explorers may be relieved from active duty status pending the outcome of the complaint process.


             38.26     Disciplinary action for Explorer’s may include but is not limited to:


A.  Verbal Reprimands

B.   Written Reprimands

C.   Suspension

D.   Loss of privileges

E.   Lowering of rank

F.   Termination from the Explorer Post


Any disciplinary action taken will become part of that Explorer’s permanent record.


A.   Complaints against Explorers which allege criminal violations, will be grounds for bring criminal charges.  This action will not serve to prevent the internal disciplinary process from dealing with the same matter.

B.   Explorers will answer fully all questions which an Advisor, investigating officer, or supervisor may ask regarding the investigation of any complaint.  Explorers will cooperate with the internal investigation and disciplinary process.

C.   Any disciplinary action taken shall be open to appeal with the Fire Chief.  The final decision of the Chief may not be appealed except through lawful court process.


38.27     The Post command Structure appointed ranks: advisor will make recommendation to committee for final approval.


             A.   Captain – is responsible for the general administration of the post and coordinates the efforts of the post in attaining its goals                 and objectives.   

             B.  Lieutenant – is responsible for maintaining all Post records on attendance of meeting, takes minutes of all meetings, maintains               activity and training records, and keeps and updates list of all members complete with address and phone numbers.

             C. Sergeant – is responsible for the conducting the efficient operation of his/her squad and insuring that each member is ready for               duty assignments with proper equipment and uniform.  He/she is also responsible for squad records and seeing that all orders are                 carried out in a timely fashion.


38.28     The Explorer Post # 130 will hold regular meetings on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month at 18:00 hrs (6:00 p.m.), at a specified location.  Regular meetings will last approximately 2 hours.  Occasionally longer meetings may be scheduled for training purposes.  Saturday training sessions may also be scheduled.  Explorers will be notified of these changes at least one week in advance.  All Explorers are to attend all meetings.  If an Explorer has three (3) unexcused absences from meetings or functions they may be subject to being placed on probation or dismissed from the program.


38.29     The Division Chief of Training will have all expenditures approved by the Fire Chief.


38.30     The Post Advisor will maintain records on all members to include:


              A.  Copy of Boy Scout Applications

              B.  Medical Information

              C.  Training Records

              D.  Property Issued

              E.  Any Personnel Action

              F.  Community Service Record.


38.31     The Post Advisor will maintain Post records of the following and provide copies to the Division Chief of Training.


              A.  Monthly schedule of meetings, events, trips, details, etc.

              B.  Attendance records of all members

              C.  A current telephone and address list of all members


38.32     The Post Advisor will maintain a current inventory of all Post property on hand as well as that property issued to Post members.


              A.  The Post Advisor will provide an annual inventory list to the Division Chief of training.

              B.   Annually, the Post Advisor will conduct an inspection of all Post property.


38.33     Training will consist of leadership skills, fire prevention techniques and other topics that are related to the Explorer’s duties to the fire service mission of the Bartow County Fire Department and the community it serves.


        A. Explorers will not be allowed to participate in interior structure fire control evolutions.

        B. Explorers may be involved with other support roles and functions outside the hot zone.

        C. Communications refer to SOP Chapter 5.